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The process for creating a form to upload external/affiliate type product given here.

1) Add a hidden type field with meta key & value to your product form. The meta value should be external.

Refer Screenshot:

2) Add an URL & a text type custom field, insert _product_url & _button_text meta key for them respectively.

Refer Screenshot:

To show all the posts submitted by all users in a page, follow the instructions given here.

1) Create a new page, insert [wpuf_dashboard] shortcode in that page & Publish it.

Refer Screenshot:

2) Add the following code inside the theme’s functions.php file.

Please follow the instructions given below to insert user id as product SKU.

1) Add a hidden field to the product form you created & insert _sku meta key to that field.

​Refer Screenshot:

The unique SKU of the products is not being set when the products are created. To add unique SKU with products, then follow the instructions given below.

1) Add a custom text field with _sku to the product form.


If you have an issue with updating the schedule dates of WooCommerce product using WPUF fields, you can follow the given instructions to solve this issue.

1) Add two date type field to WPUF form that you created to allow users for uploading products.

Here is the guideline for charging the different amount for the different post type.

1) Navigate to wp-admin > User Frontend > Subscription. Click on Add New Subscription button to add new subscription.

2) Now, You can see the fields to enter the number for each post.

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