How to Identify a Conflicting Theme or Plugin

weDevs use WordPress’ best practices to make it as compatible as possible with all themes and plugins; however, some theme and plugin authors do not adhere to these best practices which can often result in a theme or plugin conflict with our plugins

The following section provides instructions for determining if an issue you are experiencing with our plugin is caused by a theme or plugin conflict.

1. Theme Test
=> Switch to the default WordPress theme as we know that the default WordPress theme is coded properly. Now check and see if the issue is still there. Take note if you see a difference in behavior after you have switched the theme. Switch back to the theme you were using.

2. Plugin Test
If the theme didn’t have anything to do with the issue then move on to the plugins section. There are many WordPress plugins out there and not all of them are coded nicely so let’s see if you have a plugin installed that is not playing nice.

=> Try to deactivate the plugins except for our plugins then check again.

Does the issue remain?

If not, the issue is not caused by our plugin. This may be a WordPress issue, a conflict with your specific setup or something related to your server or webhost. Opening a topic in the WordPress support forums may help point you in the right direction.

If not, continue.

If yes, the issue is caused by our plugin. Create a support ticket on weDevs site for advice.

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